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Children’s National Medical Center – Neuromuscular Medicine Program

111 Michigan Avenue NW
Washington, DC, United States
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The Neuromuscular Medicine Program at Children’s National Hospital provides expert comprehensive and compassionate care for the evaluation, management and treatment of infants, children and teenagers with neuromuscular conditions. As one of the largest referral sites for children for neuromuscular care and treatment in the Washington, D.C., region, our program leverages the expertise of our specialists to provide highly coordinated care that emphasizes improving your child’s quality of life and health.


Our Neuromuscular Program offers the following services:

• Comprehensive clinical evaluations

• Genetic counseling: We provide in depth and compassionate genetic counseling and testing ranging from personalized sequencing panels tailored to your child’s symptoms to broad testing such as whole exome sequencing approaches


We also offer treatments and diagnostic testing such as:

• Braces, splints, Angel Arms and WREX

• Leading-edge medications like Spinraza™ and ZOLGENSMA®, new therapies for spinal muscular atrophy, and Exondys 51 to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy

• Nutrition counseling

• Physical therapy

• Positioning aids to help children sit, stand or lie down

• Psychological counseling

• Speech and swallowing therapy

• Electrodiagnostics (EMG)/nerve conduction studies

• Muscle ultrasound

• Skin and muscle biopsy

• Genetic testing (eg: next generation sequencing and whole exome sequencing)

• Serologic testing (blood testing)

• Augmentative communications

• Surgical interventions

• Pulmonary function studies

• Echocardiogram/cardiac MRI

• Durable medical equipment

• Occupational therapy