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28 Hacks That Can Make Going to College with a Chronic Illness Easier

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source: Mighty Proud Media, Inc.

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Heading off to college can be a stressful and chaotic time on its own – but throw a chronic illness (or a few) into the mix and it becomes even trickier to manage all the demands of your day-to-day life. High stress levels or a lack of sleep can easily exacerbate your condition and lead to flare-ups, so it’s important to balance your schedule, plan ahead and make sure you have any accommodations you need to be successful.

To help you prepare for the upcoming semester, we asked our Mighty community to share their “hacks” for attending college with chronic illness. Regardless of whether you’re taking one course or a full schedule, attending classes on campus or doing them online, or even if you’re taking time off and aren’t able to attend college at all, that’s OK. Take your time, put your health and well-being first, and know you are a warrior.


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